Introduction to Astrology Workshop

Numerology is the study of numbers and their meanings. In this workshop, you will learn how to use numerology to gain insight into yourself and others. You will explore the symbolism and meanings of numbers, and discover how to use numerology to understand your life path, personality traits, and destiny. This workshop is perfect for anyone interested in personal growth and self-discovery.

James Killer

Founder, Edilta

Next Batch Start

5th may 2023

Program Duration

8-10 Hour

Learning Format

Online Bootcamp

Course Curriculum

Definition of Numerology

A brief history of Numerology

Importance of Numerology

Significance of Numbers

Numerology calculations

Life Path number

Personality number

Expression number

Soul urge number

Destiny number

Master numbers

Karmic debt numbers

Personal year number

Understanding others through numerology

Compatibility and relationships through numerology

Using numerology for decision making

Reading and interpreting numerology charts

Practice sessions and exercises

Creating a personal numerology profile

Recap of key learnings

Future applications of numerology

Integration of numerology into daily life

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Discover the fascinating world of numerology and learn how to harness its power for personal growth and success.