About the workshop

This workshop will cover the fundamental concepts of email marketing, including the importance of email marketing, best practices, and techniques for creating effective email campaigns. Participants will learn how to develop and implement successful email marketing strategies, how to create engaging and compelling email content, and how to track and measure email campaign performance.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

Understand the importance of email marketing in today’s digital landscape

Develop and implement an effective email marketing strategy

Create compelling email content that engages subscribers

Use segmentation and personalization to improve email campaign performance

Monitor and analyze email campaign performance

Learn about best practices for email marketing and avoid common pitfalls

James Killer

Founder, Edilta

Next Batch Start

5th May 2023

Program Duration

2 Days

Learning Format

Online Bootcamp

Course Curriculum

Day 1:

Overview of email marketing and its importance

Benefits of email marketing

Types of email campaigns

Identifying target audience

Defining email campaign objectives

Creating a content calendar

Writing effective subject lines

Designing visually appealing emails

Creating persuasive calls-to-action

Avoiding common email marketing mistakes

Deliverability best practices

Ethical considerations in email marketing

Day 2:

Understanding audience segmentation

Personalization techniques

How to create targeted campaigns

Metrics to track and measure success

Analyzing campaign data

Improving campaign performance through data analysis

Automation and triggered emails

Behavioral targeting

Advanced personalization techniques

Creating an email marketing plan

Measuring and improving email campaign performance

Review of best practices and next steps

Participants will be evaluated through a practical exercise where they will create and execute an email marketing campaign. The success of their campaign will be measured based on metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.

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