Course Overview

Fashion designing is the art and craft of creating clothing, accessories, and footwear that reflect current trends and personal style. It involves the entire process of ideation, design, production, and marketing of fashion products. Fashion designers use their creative and technical skills to design garments and accessories that are visually appealing, functional, and comfortable. They work with a variety of materials, fabrics, and colors to create unique and stylish designs that meet the demands of consumers. Fashion designing requires a blend of artistic vision, technical knowledge, and business acumen to succeed in the highly competitive fashion industry.

James Killer

Founder, Edilta

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Program Duration

3 Months

Learning Format

Online Bootcamp

Course Curriculum

History of fashion and fashion designing

Fashion terminologies

Fashion designing tools and equipment

Basic fashion drawing and sketching techniques

Color theory and color wheel

Fabric types and characteristics

Fabric selection for different types of clothing

Understanding textile design and print techniques

Drafting basic patterns for tops, skirts, and pants

Sewing techniques for different types of fabrics

Finishing techniques for seams and hems

Introduction to different types of closures (zippers, buttons, etc.)

Understanding the differences between men’s and women’s fashion designing

Designing clothing for different body types and sizes

Creating a fashion line with a theme or concept

Presenting and marketing a fashion line

Designing accessories like bags, shoes, belts, and jewelry

Fabric selection and techniques for accessory making

Creating a cohesive look with accessories

Building a professional portfolio

Job opportunities in the fashion industry

Starting a fashion business

Opportunities for further education and training

Become a Fashion Maverick

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