About the workshop

This project management certificate program will cover stratification and management – project, program, risk, quality, complexity management, customer-centric digital transformation, PMO implementation, and agile and scrum skills; and allow you to earn 146 Professional Development Units (PDUs) for maintaining CCR for PMI certifications.

James Killer

Founder, Edilta

Next Batch Start

15 May 2023

Program Duration

8 Weeks

Learning Format

Online Bootcamp

Course Curriculum

Overview of Six Sigma

Benefits of Six Sigma

Key concepts and terminologies in Six Sigma

Identifying your audience

Defining your purpose

Developing a clear and concise message

Understanding the structure of a presentation

Developing effective visual aids

Using body language and vocal delivery to enhance your message

Handling difficult questions

Responding to feedback

Engaging your audience through Q&A sessions

Understanding the importance of non-verbal communication

Developing effective body language

Reading and interpreting non-verbal cues

Using humor and storytelling to engage your audience

Advanced presentation skills, such as impromptu speaking and persuasion techniques

Overcoming nervousness and anxiety during public speaking

Understanding the nuances of online communication

Developing effective online presentation skills

Engaging your audience in virtual environments

Applying the skills learned throughout the course to develop and deliver a final presentation

Receiving feedback and guidance from the instructor and peers

Celebrating the completion of the course

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